Chapter of Rose Croix

Upon completion of the 14th Degree the Scottish Rite Mason then moves into the Chapter to receive the beautiful Rose Croix Degrees. The Chapter of Rose Croix confers the 15th, 16th ,17th and 18th Degrees. The 15th & 16th Degrees relate the rebuilding of the Second Temple by Zerubbabel. The 17th degree is the approach to the 18th Degree. The 18th Degree is the recognition of Christian ethics in universal terms assisting in building in our hearts the Third Temple, not made with hands.

The Rose Croix Reunion is held annually on the Wednesday and Thursday in the week preceding Easter.

The highlight of the Rose Croix year is the Extinguishing of the Lights on Maundy Thursday and the Maundy Thursday Banquet. This is followed by the Relighting the Lights Ceremony on Easter Sunday morning. The Relighting Ceremony is the only public ceremony in the Scottish Rite where family and friends are invited and welcome to attend.