The Scottish Rite is a system of Masonic Degrees that elaborates and supplements the content of the three Craft Degrees. It greatly strengthens and extends their teachings by ritual, dramas, and allegory. The Scottish Rite is a world-wide fraternity, with approximately 17,000 members in Canada.

The Valley of Saskatoon confers the 4th to 14th degrees at the annual Lodge of Perfection Reunion, which is typically held on the 4th weekend of February. Saskatoon confers the 15th to 18th degrees at the annual Chapter Rose Croix Reunion, which is always held on the Wednesday and Thursday preceding Good Friday. The 19th to 32nd degrees are conferred at the annual Consistory Reunion, usually held on the 3rd weekend of October.

In addition to the ten obligatory degrees mandated by the Scottish Rite Supreme Council of Canada, the Valley of Saskatoon also confers the 10th and 24th degrees in full dramatic form.

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