Lodge of Perfection

Many questions raised in the Craft Lodge are answered in the Scottish Rite degrees. All Master Masons in good standing with their Lodge are welcome. The continued growth of the Scottish Rite is most important to ensure its rich history is carried on with tradition and honour.

This Body confers degrees from 4th to 14th. They amplify the legend of the Master Mason Degree and the story of the building of King Solomon’s Temple. These degrees are designed to build on the teachings of the first 3 degrees given in the Craft Lodge.

Unlike the Craft Lodge, candidates are not required to do memory work in any of the Scottish Rite degrees.

Upon completion of the 14th degree, the new Scottish Rite member is entitled to wear the distinguished Scottish Rite ring that has retained its design over 200 years. An inscription inside the ring reads: “Virtue has joined, death shall not separate.”

The Saskatoon Lodge of Perfection confers the 4th to 14th degrees at its annual Lodge of Perfection Reunion, usually held on the 4th weekend of February.

In addition to the obligatory degrees (4th,5th,7th,13th and 14th), the Saskatoon Lodge of Perfection confers 10th degree in full form.